Thief, accomplice of terrorists, Ariel Ricker of Advocates Abroad must pay back and go to jail

Pour répondre à la demande de Christine Tasin de traduire l’article qu’elle a écrit à propos Ariel Ricker, afin que la donzelle et ses pratiques plus que douteuses soit googelisée là où elle sévit, dans le monde anglo-saxon :

Je propose cette traduction, faite avec le traducteur en ligne DeepL, c’est bien traduit.

Founder of an NGO (one more), Advocates Abroad, in 2016, she boasts of having succeeded, in two years, in bringing 15,000 illegal immigrants into Europe! And with very dishonest methods… Certainly, we know that this is the case of practically all NGOs whose aim is not to « save » the illegal immigrant from death or poverty but to help him to deceive the vigilance of Europeans and invade them. That makes quite a difference.
She she was caught in the act of explaining to the illegal immigrants how to look traumatized to deceive « these stupid officials » who are in charge of deciding whether they can claim the right of asylum.
Ariel Ricker is that, a thief, manipulator and thief… She robs all the taxpayers of Europe who pay the bills.
« I tell them that they have to act, that all this is theatre. And their role is that of the traumatized refugee, because these EASOs[the European asylum support office, the border officers of the asylum office] are such fucking morons… All they know is what is written on their paper that says what it is like to be a traumatized refugee, with this or that characteristic. So we train people to have these characteristics. They[the agents] take into account people’s attitudes, whether they are emotional or not. So they have to cry or throw up and ask for a break. We organize role role-playing games with them. …] First, we play their role and they have to put themselves in the agent’s shoes, then we reverse. How to enter the room, how to introduce yourself, how to sit, how to stand up and how to pray. It’s a good way to demonstrate your sincerity. Sometimes they[the agents] ask « what is your favorite holiday ? « and some[migrant] people just answer « Christmas ». We therefore explain to them that this is not a sufficient answer. They must also specify that it is December 25 and that it is the day of birth of Our Lord. »
RT Translation
Congratulations to Lauren Southern for this brilliant move, the recording without her knowledge of the Ricker, who, not only screwed us, bragged about it and explained in great detail how. So self-satisfied, the bitch !
As far as we can tell, she didn’t really appreciate the publicity that was given to her unstoppable techniques. No more twitter account or facebook account of the association on the net….
But who will hold her accountable? Who will put her on trial? Who will ask her to repay the subsidies received and to make up for the wrongs inflicted on the peoples of Europe ?
Because, inevitably, the « volunteers » who helped the illegal immigrants are paid or, at the very least, paid for, and there are necessarily employees to organize the infrastructure of the association… Paid, necessarily, with subsidies from certain European countries (probably France) and almost certainly by the EU…
It is therefore the European taxpayer who pays to be invaded.
But not just to invade. Unfortunately, we know, and many of them have lost their lives to prove it, that among the illegal immigrants there are jihadists sent by ISIS… Ricker therefore taught potential jihadists how to fool us sso that they could get into our countries and kill us.
So we pay, in addition, to be killed.
And that bitch Ricker is making fun of us by calling our border guards idiots…

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  1. un petit complément:
    1. she was caught in the act of explaining = she got caught…
    2. the nuance is significant = that makes quite a difference
    3. role plays = role-playing games
    4. paid, necessarily, by subsidies = paid, necessarily, with subsidies
    5. so that they could enter our homes = so that they could get into our countries

  2. Concernant la traduction DeepL, permettez-moi de faire les remarques suivantes:
    1. She was trapped by explaining = she was caught in the act of explaining
    2. she steals from all the taxpayers of Europe = she robs all the taxpayers of Europe
    3. what is your favorite vacation? = what is your favorite holiday?
    4. I’m happy with the bitch! = So self-satisfied, the bitch!
    5. Last I heard, = As far as we can tell,
    6. But who will hold him accountable = But who will hold her accountable
    7. Who will be on trial = who will put her on trial
    8. who will ask it to repay = who will ask her to repay
    9. reimburse the damage suffered by the peoples of Europe = make up for the wrongs inflicted on the peoples of Europe
    10. sent by the EI = sent by ISIS

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